Cleveland County Community Development Corporation was founded in 1992 and was incorporated in October of the same year by several local citizens who recognized the need for low and moderately priced housing in Cleveland County. The Board of Directors is composed of a cross section of races ages and socio- economic backgrounds. Having a very specific strategy and persistence, they responded to the need and met the challenge of offering affordable housing options in our community. The Corporation has pursued the resources required to accomplish this goal. Cleveland County CDC believes that home ownership extends beyond housing. We want to create a community that will provide good quality, safe, and affordable housing. And at the same time provide support services in the form of education, employment and counseling that will insure healthy, knowledgeable and contributing members to our society and more specifically to our community.

The primary goal of Cleveland County CDC is to provide safe and affordable housing opportunities for Cleveland County. The affordable housing program meets many needs depending on the family or individual. In order to accommodate the varying needs in the community, the affordable housing program offers assistance to meet the following needs affordable homeownership, affordable rental and foreclosure assistance.

A Brief description of Affordable homeownership: CCCDC is the developer of Heritage Oaks Subdivision, a restricted single-family homeownership development located off Eaves Road in Shelby, North Carolina. The homes are brick or vinyl single-family units that are approximately 1,069 square feet with three bedrooms and 1 bath. There are 47 units completed. The remaining twelve units will have three bedrooms and two full baths. The target population is low to moderate wealth families and individuals

Brief descriptions of the affordable rental options are as follows: Caitlin Station Apartments, a 48-unit multi-family apartment complex, located on Ivywood Drive, in Shelby, NC has 24 three-bedroom units approximately 1,100 square feet with 2 full baths and 24 two-bedroom units approximately 980 square feet with a full bath and. There are 4 handicapped units which also includes 1 hearing impaired unit. Kings Row Apartments, a 56-unit multi-family complex, located on Kings Mountain Boulevard in Kings Mountain, NC is comparable in layout and size to Caitlin Station. The target population is low to moderate wealth families and individuals.

CCCDC strives to provide a holistic approach within the affordable housing program and partners with North Carolina Housing Finance Agency to provide foreclosure assistance funding. The financial assistance awarded to individuals and families enables them to retain ownership of their homes due to loss of income due as a result of layoffs or a reduction of income based on hourly wages. The target population is any individual or family who has been affected by a layoff. There are no income restrictions

The affordable housing program meets the several needs within the community. CCCDC also provides support services for these needs in the areas of pre and post housing counseling, budgeting, tenant education, community building events such as lawn care seminars, appearance awards, decorating contests, indoor and outdoor maintenance information, Crime/Community Watch, and newsletters.