Below are a list of some of the programs we offer:
Financial Education Workshop  |   Homebuyer Education Workshop
Financial Literacy and Credit Awareness Program  |   Delinquency and Foreclosure Program
Predatory Lending and Refinancing Program  |  

Homebuyer Education Workshop

Cleveland County Community Development Corporation sponsors a six hour homebuyer education workshop which provides information about the steps and resources involved in purchasing a home. The successful completion of this class is used to qualify for many mortgage products offered by local lenders. One-on-one counseling is also available by appointment. Call 704-480-7701 for the group class schedule and to set individual appointments.
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Financial Literacy and Credit Awareness Program

The organization's financial literacy and credit awareness program helps clients to assess their personal financial situation, learn about budgets, personal and family financial management and the proper use of credit.
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Delinquency and Foreclosure Program

This program provides one-on-one counseling to individuals and families who are delinquent on their home mortgage and face the threat of losing their home to foreclosure.

Please contact the office for further details and assistance.
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Predatory Lending and Refinancing Program

Home ownership, with its proven social and economic benefits to residents and communities, is a goal to which nearly every American aspires. For many people, a home is their largest investment and greatest source of wealth. For some Americans though, predatory lenders have turned the home ownership dream into a nightmare. These lenders take advantage of inexperience and a lack of information, manipulating borrowers into high cost loans they can not afford to repay.

Cleveland County Community Development Corporation uses prevention and intervention tools to educate clients about predatory lending. The prevention helps to steer people clear of predatory lenders before any damage is done. The intervention strategies help homeowners who have already been victimized by abusive lenders. The Cleveland County CDC staff will confidentially review the client’s current financial situation and evaluate options available to rebuild their credit and how to refinance. To learn more about predatory lending, go to
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